Album Information

Album Info

Our albums come in both linen and leather options. We have 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 options.

Leather Albums: We use 100% natural, Italian leathers that are selected for their exceptional texture, strength, and durability. The distressed leathers enamor with their aged beauty. Colored Leathers are both smooth and luxurious. 10-40 spreads, thick board pages, matte finish paper, debossing and engraving available (additional cost).

Linen Albums: The layered weaves of the linen highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of your albums. Fine linen has a large weave with a pronounced texture. Select Linen has a delicate weave with a parallel texture. Japanese Silk has a soft sleek texture that is natural to the smooth fibrils of silk. 10-40 spreads, thin glossy/luster paper, debossing and engraving available (additional cost).

Payment Plans:
The payment plan is simple, 50% is due now as we start the design process and then the other 50% is due after we finish your design and before I hit order. If you want to do a payment plan, that is great too and you can make payments every two weeks and once we hit the 50% mark, that’s when we start your design. We want you to get the album that your heart desires.

I will set up the invoice for you as soon as you let me know your perfect style, and size. For weddings I strongly recommend at least a 10x10 so that if you decide to order family albums later, they stack beautifully with 8x8 albums. If you wish to purchase an additional album (with the same design), you can grab another at $150 OFF!

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