Why You Need an Heirloom Album

April 11, 2021

When I say photo album, what comes to mind?  Maybe it means going to Shutterfly, plugging in some favorite photos and calling it a day.  However, after working more and more in this industry, I have learned about the untold world of heirloom photo albums. The quality and diversity that a professional lab can offers can turn your photos into something you never imagined. That is why I now offer to all of my clients, custom heirloom albums.

So why do you need an heirloom album?

When you get your photos back, you think that you will print them out. Maybe make an album, hang some up, all very good intentions. As a busy mother, business woman, and even just as a human being, I will tell you, getting that done, rarely happens. That’s why, as your photographer, I am now creating custom heirloom albums for YOU. We are living in the digital world, if your computer crashes, or hard drive throws a fit, you may loose your pictures. It is even easy to just forget about them in the void that is your desktop. Having an album not only gives you the opportunity to view your special day more frequently. It also gives you a guarantee that they are accessible and safe. 

Also, and here is a sneaky little secret; albums are great for relationships. I know this sounds a little silly, but I’m telling you it’s true. My husband and I did a vow renewal (which I made an album out of). On days we are having some disagreements, I will pull out that album and it softens our hearts and reconnects us little bit. It also gives me the chance to connect with my kids. No electronics, no music, no distractions, we pull out all the albums, look at the pictures, and talk about memories. It is a tangible memory maker.

That’s why I strive to create the best heirloom album for my clients, it’s more than just a place to hold your photos, it can help you hold on to memories of the past while making the present a little sweeter. 

So you are probably thinking, that’s all great and dandy but what makes these albums so special? Pictures in a book all look the same right? That’s what I thought too, but I am here to be your album guru. There are so many options when it comes to the details of the heirloom albums.

Here is everything you need to know:

Highlight vs Full Story

Highlight is going to be, just as it sounds, a highlight of your favorite images. Here is how it works; I send you your gallery and you select 20 of your favorite images. From there, I design a custom book for you. We’ll pick out whether you want a linen or leather book, and then the finish on the pages as well. Full story, can be 80 pages which can fit a lot more images (up to 300). You would choose this kind of album, if you wanted more of a full recap of your day. You can look through this book and it would take you from beginning to end of your timeline. Highlight is the snapshots of your favorite moments, a full story takes you more in depth of your experience.

Linen vs Leather

This is the material in which your heirloom album will be made out of. You can choose from linen, which gives the album a sweeter and smoother look and feel. Or you can choose the leather album, which is a little more bold and literally feels like butter in my opinion. I can’t stop touching the leather albums! Either choice is a great one, and the cool thing is that since they are custom made, you get to choose which material fits your special day.

Thin vs Board Pages

Even the pages are custom?! They sure are. The linen heirloom album comes with thin pages, but can be made with thicker board pages for a little bit more. The full story album automatically comes with thick board pages. They are exactly as they sound, the thin pages are slimmer whereas the board pages are thicker and make for a thicker album.

Luster vs Matte Pages

Lastly we have the finish for the pages within your book. You get to choose between luster and matte. Luster pages have a little bit of shine to them, they have almost a satin look. The contrast is highlighted a bit more with luster paper. The matte pages are beautifully built without any sheen or satin look. 

I take pride in giving my clients amazing quality photographs, and that should transfer over into the albums that hold these memories. That’s why you need an heirloom album. You deserve the chance to create a custom home for you custom memories. 

Interested in getting your own heirloom album? Contact Me and let’s make some memories!


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