Why You Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator!

March 23, 2021
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You should hire a wedding coordinator! Why? Planning your wedding should be fun, but so many couples quickly get overwhelmed and want to elope by the end of the process.

You are planing your wedding and all is running smoothly until you hit a few detail questions. What linens do you want? Do you want the same color napkins and linens? Do you want centerpieces? Your photographer has to have a permit to photograph here? Who is going to send you and your friends down the aisle with good timing? Who will coordinate all the deliveries day-of?

These reasons (and so many more) are why I think you should hire a wedding coordinator for your wedding day.

I sat down with Sarah Oakland, a wedding planner, coordinator, and floral designer in Nashville, to answer some of the common questions I hear when it comes to wedding coordinators, planning, and full-service design.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding day-of coordinator? 

A planner simply handles everything from the overall vision for your day, design pieces, logistics, and knows which vendors to suggest for your dream team. The planner handles all communication and contracts negotiating too. Hiring a planner sooner (rather than later) after getting engaged will drastically help you in booking a venue, securing a date, and hiring a photographer. The planner handles all communication and contract negotiating too – and trust me, there’s value in knowing the right people. Sarah offers full planning and partial-planning depending on where you are in your planning process.

Hiring a day-of coordinator only entails the coordinator is handling all of the details on your wedding day. You have your dream team pulled together, you have the vision for design, and feel comfortable handling all communication up to your wedding day. The day-of coordinator will take all the hard work you’ve done and pull everything together on your wedding day. You can relax knowing your coordinator will handle the details of the day.

Why hire a wedding day-of coordinator?

At a minimum, gift yourself with a coordinator. Your relatives don’t need to be lining your bridal party up for the ceremony, moving tables, and tossing linens. They want to enjoy your celebration, not be behind the scenes of it. Sarah is typically in-the-loop about a year to a month out even as a day-of coordinator.

Things a day-of wedding coordinator will take care of

If you hire a day-of coordinator, she will ask you to send all confirmed contracts to review. She will make sure you are not over-spending on things you don’t need, or missing where you need more. She will finalize your layout and timeline with you for your vendors. Hiring a day-of coordinator one month prior to your wedding is ideal so that you can communicate your needs in a timely manner, and completely enjoy your wedding day by allowing someone else to take ownership of decision making.

Have a friend helping as a coordinator?

Have you ever heard the saying, “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur?” 

The same goes for hiring a professional coordinator and/or asking a friend to do it.

Does your friend know what to do if wrong linens are sent? Can your friend handle a rain plan? If something happens, can she provide a plan B? Day-of, can she adapt to timeline changes? Can she troubleshoot things without involving you? Can she quickly get people together to flip a room?

Here’s what I think…

Everyone wants the most perfect wedding day. Having a wedding planner or a day-of wedding coordinator makes sure everything moves effortlessly on your wedding day. So, it’s up to you. Do you want to make this a day full of laughter, fun, intimacy, and memories because you are allowing someone else to take ownership of the day? Or do you want to remember this day as one full of choices and last minute changes?

Make sure to check out Sarah Oakland if you are in need of coordination, design, or florals for your wedding day!


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