What if it Rains During My Engagement Shoot?

February 9, 2021

If you are recently engaged, and planning your engagement shoot, I’m sure you’ve thought about it… what do I do if it rains during my engagement photoshoot? I’ve been asked this question several times! I don’t wish for anyone to have to deal with rain washing out their beautifully done hair, or have to deal with mascara running down their face. Usually, I tell clients, if it rains we will reschedule. But what happens if it rains during your engagement shoot when it calls for ZERO rain!?

Well, I recently had this happen during an engagement photoshoot. Ok, so maybe it didn’t call for ZERO rain, but there was only a 20% chance of rain in the forecast and it ended up dumping buckets on us!

So what do you do if you get to a location and it’s pouring?

First, you curse the weather! Secondly, you get your jaw off the floor and turn this into something positive! I try to be prepared ALL the time for ALL the things when it comes to photoshoots. I always keep a box in my car with the following: toilet paper (funny story for another time), battery jumper (an awful story for another time), towels, cream colored blanket, sandals (in case my client can’t walk in heels), 2 umbrellas (one for me and a clear one for my clients), 2 ziplock gallon bags, and candy (because duh….obvious).

It is SO important to have these things in your car because they come in super handy when it rains during your engagement photoshoot!

I typically wear my hiking boots to most of my sessions, or shoes I don’t mind getting dirty. Sure, maybe my feet are not “on brand” but I find that comfort takes priority on both photo shoots and wedding days! I always encourage clients to bring comfortable shoes to walk in for their photoshoots. This not only helps their feet on long walks, but also comes in handy when you find the weather taking a turn for the worst.

Aside from having umbrellas, shoes you don’t mind getting wet or dirty, and a change in attitude, I find that having a gallon ziplock bag helps my sanity when it comes to my camera during these rainy photoshoots. Our cameras are built for the elements (maybe more than we think), but I’m not about to chance it. I cut a whole in a gallon ziplock bag so that my lens and camera are “mostly” shielded from the elements when my umbrella doesn’t cut it.

It’s raining during my engagement photoshoot, now what?

These rainy engagement photoshoots can be really playful! Who doesn’t dream about kissing in the rain or jumping in puddles? Plus, this allows you to have a unique experience and photo session that stands out against the norm! So what do you do if it rains during your engagement photoshoot? You make the best of it and have fun!

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