Wild Fern Weddings a Videographer in Nashville – Vendor Spotlight

January 5, 2021

I get asked all time about if I provide videography services….NOPE! I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with video, but my friend Christian does! I wanted to do a vendor highlight on Wild Fern Weddings, a videographer in Nashville, because he is worth highlighting! Christian owns and operates Wild Fern Weddings; he is a videographer here in the Nashville area but is open to traveling anywhere!

Wild Fern Weddings

I first met Christian with Wild Fern Weddings (Videographer, Nashville) when he curated my husband and I’s vow renewal. I was nervous to have a videographer because I felt more at ease with less people. Believe it or not, I enjoy being behind the camera, not in-front of it.

How does Wild Fern Wedding work differently?

Christian was super laid back, but didn’t shy away from mentioning shot ideas during our renewal. After our renewal, he asked us for photographs and videos from our past. He wanted moments that showcased important events, events we spoke about in our vows. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do with these images, but trusted he was going to create something amazing.

The video Christian sent over was NOT what I was expecting, it was SO much better! I actually completely missed the message he sent us that said the video was ready. My husband started talking to me about how amazing the video was and I hadn’t even had a clue it was ready! I felt so embarrassed that I missed the notification because this video was beyond anything I was expecting! IT.WAS.AMAZING! He took images of our past and wove them into our video at the perfect time. I think this is what separates Christian as an artist. He takes the extra time to create your story with personal artifacts and sentiments from your life. He weaves these into your wedding storyline and creates something really beautiful.

For those of you debating if you need video or not at your wedding? Take a look at information below about Wild Fern Weddings (Videographer in Nashville).

Q & A with Wild Fern Weddings

Why do you recommend videography to couples on their wedding day?

I explain it like this: Photo and video will be the only thing that outlives other investments on the wedding day such as catering, florals, decor, etc. Photo and video will be there 10, 20, 50 years from now for them to look relive the day. While my films will never hang on their living room wall or on their coffee table; they can capture the sound of a grandparents voice, a tear rolling down their partner’s face while they read their vows out loud, the words said during the first look, and so many other small details. 

Is there anything in particular to be aware of when looking for videographers?

Yes! The top things to look for are style (is it smooth and cinematic, shaky and documentary style, story-driven, or simply a chronological recap of the day), quality of video (does it look good), quality of audio (does it sound good), and if they’re a good fit personality-wise. I always tell couples to hop on a call or meet with their vendors to be sure they are a good fit. Your photographer and videographer will be nearby almost all day, so be sure you click and they seem fun to be around!

You have a different approach to video, one that is unique. How do you go about making each video unique for each couple?

I focus my films on my couple’s unique story. This starts with capturing great audio on the day so that I can weave together the story before I even start the edit. For example, with your and AJ’s film, you mentioned you’ve lived in several states. You got a dog that has become an integral part of your family, and had struggles you’ve overcome together. I asked for home footage from those special moments (helping each other get ready at 2 am, photos of your moves, you in the hospital with your newborn child, etc.), and even went to a studio to get a cool map shot of all the states you’ve moved to (this may be one of my favorite shots ever). I love to help viewers understand your story better by creating a video-scrapbook of sorts for you and AJ to have to look back on along with your original vows and the best parts of that day at Narrows of the Harpeth.

Tell me about other services you provide besides wedding videography

While wedding videography is my bread and butter, I’m starting to branch into a little bit of commercial work in 2021 (I’ll probably only do 4-6 commercial videos so that I can focus on weddings). I still love weddings, so this is mostly going to entail putting together videos for other wedding vendors for them to explain and show the value they bring their couples. Again, it’s so important to get a feel for your vendors before you book them, and I think being able to see a video of them explain their “why” along with seeing how they work is such a valuable thing.

What do you think separates you from other videographers?

Probably how story-driven my films are. I try to craft each film around couples and their unique story so that it is different from my others. Before I entered into the wedding scene, I did concert videos, brand videos, product videos, real estate videos, etc., but none of it satisfied my soul because I wasn’t creating something that would outlive me or tell a story. Even once I entered the wedding scene, I started out doing the more cookie-cutter style of just editing the film by showing the day in chronological order. Now I’m really focusing on the words being said, the build and flow of the music, the music choice itself, what shots need to be placed where, and so many other things in order to tell a couple’s story the best.

What is your process for booking? Where can we locate your videos?

I always require a phone call with the couple so that I can get to know them better and be sure I’m the best fit for their needs. After that, I require a small retainer and a signed contract to reserve their date. Couples can find me and my work at my website, www.wildfernweddings.com, or on Instagram www.instagram.com/wildfernweddings.

What video are you most proud of? 

I don’t think I can give just one, haha. This year has pushed me creatively, and I think I’ve put out some of my best work. I would say my top 3 would be yours (Kelsey & AJ), Cody & Molly, and Hannah & Judson. These are my most emotional films, and I teared up at some point in editing them! 

Want to talk more about Wild Fern Weddings Videographer or photography services at your wedding day? Contact me here!


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