Nashville Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

December 8, 2020

Hey there! I am a Nashville Newborn Lifestyle Photographer! I love newborn sessions. Newborns change SO fast! It’s important to capture all their sweet little details before they change overnight!

Let this Nashville Newborn Lifestyle Photographer show you a few little slices of heaven!

Photographing newborns is so fulfilling, but also strategic! I give all my clients a “tips for your newborn session” handout to help them get their newborn in optimum mode for their session.

Of course, babies will do what they want to do. We can’t control babies. But, we can try to keep them up for a bit longer, feed them right before I come to your house, and get them in the first outfit and swaddled prior to my arrival.

We also incorporate siblings and other family members into this shoot. I like to start with family photos first so that the other siblings can play while I spend time with mom, dad, and baby.

We use natural light in your space, and work with items you have around your home. I always wear a mask, and sometimes even a mask and shield, in your home.

If you are ready for photos of you newborn, click here, to chat with me!



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