Tips for an Incredible Family Photo Session

December 1, 2020

Do you have a hard time taking family photos? Is it hard to get everyone to look at the camera? Smile? Have fun? Then this blog post is for you! Let me give you some tips for an incredible family photo session!

I live for family photo sessions. I think they are so much fun, and we have an incredible time because these sessions are strategic and thought-out! So let’s get started with some tips for a fabulous family photo session!

Tip 1: Plan Accordingly

I don’t know about you, but I hate being rushed! Being rushed does NOT make for a great family photo session!

I pull out everyone’s outfits in the morning and lay them in a place where I can see them. Make sure this place is clean and free of dirt!

I make sure everyone showers (or is cleaned up) about 3 hours before the scheduled shoot. Mom, I would give yourself an hour and half to get showered, do your hair, and put on your makeup.

Tip 2: Eat!

No one wants hangry children! Make sure you feed your kiddos an hour before the shoot. We all know they will ask for snacks on the way there, so plan ahead and get non-messy snacks in the bag! I like pretzels, saltines (no ritz because of the greasy stains it causes), nuts, and popcorn. I pick snacks that are not sticky, have no color, and are easy to brush off outfits.

Tip 3: Let the Photographer Lead

I see it all the time. Parents telling their kids “look at the camera.” As much as I LOVE that you parent your children, just let me take over this part. I have ways of getting your kiddos excited about our time together. If you are telling them to look at the camera, more than likely they will look at you instead since you are talking during that shot. Plus, it get’s your mouth doing something else besides a natural smile.

I always speak up if I need help from parents, but more than likely, I will follow the lead of the children. I let them warm up to me, I teach them about my camera, and I follow their lead because that is what makes them happiest.

Tip 4: Be Vulnerable

This is not the time to be embarrassed, to hold back, and to be weary of trying new things. Your photographer might ask you to do some weird things. Once, I asked a fully grown (I’m talking 20’s and 60’s) family to run toward me holding hands. Sounds hokey, right? But guess what, these images turned out amazing because of all the giggles they had! I mean, when is the last time you held hands and ran through a forest? Your photographer steps out of his or her comfort zone to try new prompts and poses, so do the same, and step out of yours!

Tip 5: Have fun!

Step out and just have a great time! These are moments meant to capture the fun you have with your family. We all know things happen, we fight, we annoy each other, etc. But, this moment is NOT showcasing those moments. We are showing the fun and the joyful moments you experience with your family.

If you are interested in talking more about family photos, please click here and we will get started!


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