Importance of Wedding Day Timeline

November 6, 2020
man and wife celebrating recent marriage using their wedding day timeline

A wedding day timeline. Something that is so crucial to the overall success and ensuring your wedding day is a breeze. You may be wondering..what is a wedding day timeline? And Kelsey, do I really need one?

The answer is totally, always, 10000% yes! I’m going to break it down, and explain the importance of a wedding day timeline, and give you a couple of my most favorite tips!

Everyone you love is there

You may not guess this, but it’s not uncommon for folks to go MIA on a wedding day. Sometimes we can’t find a bridesmaid, or the mother-in-law is missing because she’s running a quick errand. Having a wedding day timeline helps us ensure everyone knows where they belong and when!

bride posing with bridesmaids at sycamore farms

For your guests

Not only is it important for your bridal party to know the schedule, it’s important to have a timeline so that your guests are well taken care of and not waiting in overtime for pictures to be done. We plan everything appropriately and timely so that your guests can enjoy parts of your wedding day while you are taking photos with your honey.


Giving your vendors a timeline is crucial. We want to make sure that vendors are ready to serve when needed. Vendors work as a team on your wedding day to provide YOU the best experience possible. We help each other so that we can provide a smooth and seamless experience for you on your wedding day. A timeline is the best tool to help us transition and move through your wedding day seamlessly.

detail shot of wedding rings during outdoor tennessee fall wedding using wedding day timeline for perfect day

Did the photographer get the important stuff?

I help with an overall draft timeline for your wedding day to make sure your photos take place in the most beautiful light, but I also get nitty gritty with my own detailed timeline for your day as well. I add in specifics like detail shots, first looks with family members and bridal parties, and even add in custom things like, “pictures of grandpa’s handkerchief” or other sentimental items that are important to your day.

bride getting buttoned up in her dress

We will chat about what’s important to you on your wedding day. When your wedding day arrives, we will have a timeline already curated to ensure you get all your dreamy images.

With a detailed timeline, we are prepared and ready to get every desired photo on your wedding day. Successful weddings do not happen with luck. They happen with careful planning, preparation, and timing.

bride and groom kissing on wedding day

Are we all on the same page?

Lastly, a timeline helps keep everyone on the same page and on track for success. We want to make your day as perfect as possible. Having everyone there on time for makeup and hair, rehearsal, first look, and photos will ease your nerves and create a relaxed environment for your big day.

Not only does a wedding day timeline keep everyone focused and on track, but it gives you a good idea of how to plan your day and when to get things started.

man and woman kissing during reception in tennessee wedding after using wedding day timeline

Knowing what’s to come is important, and makes for a happy bride and a beautiful wedding day!

Give yourself a little bit of cushion in your wedding day timeline

When planning your wedding day timeline, don’t forget this simple trick. Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need for EVERYTHING. Hair and makeup will take longer and first looks may be delayed. With a bit of cushion in your timeline, you’ll move through your day without worry.

bridals in outdoor tennessee wedding

Let’s chat about making your wedding day a dream come true, and I’ll be there to keep your bridal bunch on track!


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