Mallory + Alan’s Preservation Park Engagements

October 31, 2020
couple posing during engagement session with dogs

Picture this. Preservation Park in the fall, a beautiful couple, and their 3 pups adventuring together. That was this session. Mallory and Alan’s Preservation Park engagement was my idea of the perfect session. We were able to adventure around the park with their 3 dogs (2 golden retrievers and 1 golden doodle), laugh along the way, and take advantage of some beautiful golden sun!

Mallory has the 2 golden retrievers, and Alan has a golden-doodle. Together they have an adorable blended dog family!

couple walking through preservation park engagements session

We planned for a mini session, but sometimes sessions with dogs can be a little tricky, so their preservation park mini turned into a full engagement session. We had treats and toys and little sayings that got the dogs to look right at me!

Once we got to the top of the hill, the light was perfection. For awhile I forgot I was even hired to take their photos because it felt like a bunch of friends just catching up!

couple sitting on blanket in field

Mallory and Alan had an engagement party coming up days after our shoot. It was really important to them to have printed engagement photos at their party. If it’s important to my clients, then it’s important to me! I quickly edited a handful of images to make prints out of and delivered the rest of the gallery days later.

As a photographer I love making my clients happy. It’s worth it to me to go the extra mile. Little things like that are my way of showing clients I genuinely care about them.

couple kissing during golden hour engagements
couple kissing during preservation park engagements

I truly love all of my clients and feel honored to be the one capturing a special time in their lives. If something is important to you, then it’s important to me too. Let’s make magic together.

couple kissing during golden hour preservation park engagements
woman kissing mans head during engagement session
couple posing during engagements
couple posing during tennessee engagement session

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