Pros and Cons of Having a First Look

October 23, 2020
husband and wife seeing each other for the first time on wedding day

Having a First look has become a super popular trend in the last few years. They have been such a special moment for me as a photographer to be apart of. These photos are exactly what they sound like; it’s the first time the bride and groom will see each other on their wedding day. It’s a really emotional moment, as it will be the first intimate, sweet moment they have with each other before they become husband and wife.

bride and groom during first look in knoxville tennessee

As a photographer, I love a first look, but I’m going to dive into all the pros and cons of having one.

bride and groom celebrating wedding day

Why you should totally have a first look..

This special moment gives you time in your day to relax and breathe. Your photo timeline generally works smoother and gives you more breathing room with a first look. This allows us to compete all your bridal portraits and family portraits before your ceremony so that you can all relax and have fun when it comes time to your reception!

We’ll start with your first look and then go straight into bridal portraits with both the bride and groom. After we take care of your entire bridal portraits, we move to family portraits. Once these are finished you can enjoy your big day!

bride and groom posing during adventure elopement wedding

I also love a first look because you get extra time to be together with your friends and fiancé right before your ceremony. Trust me when I say, your wedding day passes in a blur! You have SO many people that want to congratulate you and talk to you. They want to love on you, take pictures with you, etc. Because you will be spending so much time with other people on your wedding day, I highly encourage a first look to have special sacred time with your spouse.

Selfishly, I also love a first look because it gives you other images in your gallery that are different than the ceremony and reception.

couple seeing each other for first time on wedding day

Why NOT to Have a First Look

Guess what? I LOVE a first look, but I’m guilty of my first look being when I walked down the aisle. If you are more traditional and want your future husband’s reaction of you to be walking down the aisle, than a first look is not for you. However, if you decide to forgo a first look, definitely invest in a second shooter. A second photographer is a must-have for an aisle first look because we have to have both photographers focusing on the bride and groom in order to capture that very specific moment.

bride and groom kissing on wedding day in nashville tennessee

Why have a Second Photographer?

I have a second photographer in every wedding I shoot, unless it’s an elopement that is less than a specific amount of hours. Second photographers can capture some of the emotions that I can’t get because I’m focusing on getting staple/iconic moments. They allow more creativity in your wedding gallery. We’re able to back each other up and cover all bases on your big day so we don’t miss anything.

When we forgo a first look on your wedding day, all your bridal portraits and family portraits happen right after your ceremony. Sometimes folks can get what I call “photo fatigue.” It’s for this reason that I try to limit the family variation and posing.

Let’s chat and plan out your big day and all the details together!


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