What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos? // FRANKLIN TN PHOTOGRAPHER

October 4, 2020

So you have engagement photos coming up and you aren’t sure what to wear? Let me talk to you about what I walk my clients through when we are preparing and planning for their engagement session.

First, we secure a location for engagement photos. Once we know location, we can find the best outfit for the space! I like colors that contrast with your location. The last thing we want is a green dress on a green background. We need something that helps you “pop” against the landscape!

Secondly, we want two different types of looks. I tell my clients to pick out one outfit that you might wear to a wedding, and the other outfit something that you would wear out with your friends on a Friday night. This outfit should be on the “dressier” side of casual.

Thirdly, incorporate texture and layers into your outfits! I love playing with a jean jacket in photos, or a fun hat! Find an outfits that makes you feel like a million bucks and roll with it! Patterns are ok, but definitely find one that isn’t too chaotic so that it distracts from your face!

Here are some outfits I love!

Neutrals: These colors compliment an urban setting well! Mix with boots and black leather for an edgier look!


Cozy: If looking for a cozy Fall weather outfit, play around with layers and sweaters!



Elegant: Find something you would wear to a wedding! Anything with movement and texture will photograph really well!

Colors: Colors are important in your photos! I always tell my clients to avoid teal, coral pinks, and bright neon reds and colors. These colors reflect interesting tones on skin that are difficult to edit out.

Neutrals and earth tones photograph really well! I also love navy, black, gray, beige, and white!


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