Why hire a professional photographer? / FRANKLIN TN PHOTOGRAPHER

August 19, 2020

There are several reasons to hire a professional photographer, but today I’m just focusing on one. One? Yep, it’s a big one, and it’s shown below.

Professional photographers don’t just have a fancy camera. Sure, they have a very nice (and very expensive camera), but it’s what the photographer does with the settings on the camera that make or break your photos. They are plugging away 3 important functions in all your photos. These three functions change the light in your photo, the speed of movement, and the depth of field. So the next time you say to someone, “Oh your camera takes great photos!” maybe instead say, “Wow, you know just the right settings to take a magical picture!”

Most professional photographers take images in RAW format which allows them to manipulate the light and colors of your photos, without damaging the output/finished product. For example, take a look at this first image below with the sparklers. I wanted to lighten this image up during post-processing instead of having a picture with flash during this sparkler kiss. Notice how the image was lightened without destroying the grain, texture, or sharpness of the photo. Thank you RAW format!

I thought it might be fun to post a few before and afters to show what ‘pre’ and ‘post’ editing look like.


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