August 12, 2020

I can’t wait to show you all these dream senior photos at Southall Meadows in the Lieper’s Fork/Franklin, TN area! It’s so interesting to think about my past senior photos experience compared to what I offer my current clients.

My senior pictures were nothing to write home about. We chose this photographer that I wanted SO badly because everyone had their pictures done by this company. My mom was reluctant because of cost, but we moved forward because well, we all know how teenage daughters can be 😉

I was so excited about these photos, and carefully picked out my outfits (without any help from the photographer) for the day! We got to the studio, he said hi, had us follow him to a location of his choosing, snapped a few photos, and then came back to the studio where his assistant then worked with us and he disappeared. Um WHAT?!

Not to mention, the assistant pushed us SO hard to buy insanely expensive prints that we could NOT afford and she continued to say things like, “wow, I can’t believe you’re not going to buy that one.” We both left feeling SO angry with the experience, and I’m pretty sure I left in tears. We bought 2 images from the shoot. That’s it.

So let’s fast forward a bit to present day. When I get a senior photo shoot inquiry and we secure a date and time, I work with you and your kiddo(s) to pick out outfits that compliment themselves and their location. I carefully plan out locations they want and help them pair outfits accordingly. Each senior gets a sweet little gift at the start of our time together, and sneak peeks the evening of our photoshoot. You don’t have to buy prints from me, but I do work with a professional lab and their photo quality is nothing short of perfection!

Don’t forget to capture this important time of your senior’s life! This is such an important year for them in so many ways!


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