August 4, 2020

Weddings in Nashville, (as in any other part of our world) have been put on the back burner with sheltering and distancing guidelines in place. My heart breaks for these couples. I can’t imagine the disappointment in planning your wedding for a year (or more) and then just before “go-time” you have to cancel or move your wedding date. Plus, on top of rearranging your wedding, you hope that your vendors have the same date open to reschedule (and that there are no further associated fees for rescheduling). I mean talk about a headache!

These couples are jumping through hoops while balancing “all the things” and trying to move forward in life with their partners, all at the same time. This particular couple may have changed the date of their wedding and reception, but COVID did not prevent them from having an intimate wedding ceremony with their family. When I heard they were keeping their original wedding date to move forward with an intimate wedding; I knew I had to be there to capture it! I volunteered to photograph the event. I’m not telling you this for an “aw that’s sweet” moment, but for the pure fact that I believe in taking care of my people. If I were in their shoes, I would be so overwhelmed by the planning, and re-planning. I wanted this to be a blessing to them, and something that was “easy” in the midst of chaos. These individuals hired me for engagement and wedding photos, so you better believe I’m going to be there for their ceremony!

It costs absolutely nothing to be kind and pay it forward. 


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