Ever since the kids have been home, I have been SUCH a recluse. Of course, we are forced to be reclusive right now with social distancing, but I’m talking reclusive as in “I forgot that I have hobbies” type of reclusive. My time has been completely devoted to homeschooling the kids, searching for meat at the grocery stores, starting a new teletherapy job and learning ALL THE THINGS while my husband is still out of the house working, and cleaning and working on any and all house projects. I was feeling completely overwhelmed (as all of us are right now!) and needed a creative escape. I told my neighbors that I would do these front porch sessions ONLY if we all had fun with it. We have the opportunity to choose joy during these times and have fun with what we are given. So, we all chose joy and had an amazing time being light-hearted about a challenging time. Remember folks, joy and hardship can co-exist! I hope you enjoy some of these!

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