Why Should I do a Boudoir Session? // FRANKLIN TN BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER

January 24, 2020

Before I get into why you should consider doing a boudoir session, let me first explain what boudoir sessions are to alleviate any stigmas. Simply put, a boudoir session is a sexy portrait session of yourself. These images do not have to be X-rated or something incredibility revealing. These are intimate photos that capture you, in your natural state, at whatever comfort level YOU decide. YOU are in control of your body, your choices, and the look and feel of your images.

I did a maternity boudoir session for my husband, but also for me. When we were pregnant with our second child, I knew it would be the last pregnancy, and I wanted photos to look back on so that I could see how my body changed and progressed for that little miracle baby. I did these photos with someone I trusted, and someone I knew would respect my choice to keep these images private. These images were beautiful, tasteful, and powerful. I love to look at these images because it reminds me how powerful it is to be a woman who can hold life inside her.

So let’s say you aren’t pregnant. Let’s pretend for a moment that you are getting married soon and you’ve teetered on the idea of doing a boudoir session for your future husband. I love this idea! I’ve had several brides that book a secret boudoir session for their fianc√© and give him their album on their wedding day. This is one of my FAVORITE things to see and capture! There’s something really special about gifting your spouse with a boudoir session because of the vulnerability and trust involved. What a gift to get to show someone you trust them and feel comfortable allowing them to have those images of you.

Another reason you might want to consider a boudoir session is for the way it will make YOU feel. I hear so many women say things like, “I need to lose weight first,” or “I need to get in a better mindset.” Guess what, great posing helps to show your body’s best angles. Better mindset? There is no better way to change your mindset than after a boudoir session. I see women come in feeling nervous and leave feeling EMPOWERED! THIS IS EVERYTHING TO ME! I want women to leave feeling lifted up, supported, beautiful, strong, and powerful. I haven’t met a single woman who hasn’t felt this way after a boudoir session, and this is my single-most important reason for loving these sessions.


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