‘Tis the season for family photos! Fall has been in full swing; weddings and family photography sessions are filling the calendar for holiday cards! If you want to book your calendar full of family mini sessions, but want plenty of quality images to choose from, then continue on reading this post!

Family sessions come in all different shapes and sizes. We may have babies, teenagers, a mix of both, maybe even 8 people to capture in-frame along with screaming toddlers. How do you adjust to the changes in your light, containing your crowd, giving direction, and calming all the babies with bubbles, while also getting good quality images? Do you find yourself stressing out about how to pose people once you get to your sessions? Do you find yourself not engaging in your sessions because you are constantly worried about what to do or say next?

If this is you, then please check out my family posing decks! I have over 25 poses gathered for you so that when it comes time for your family session, you can easily move through a series of poses that will get your families laughing and engaging with each other. Print and cut the cards out to place on a keyring for easy access, or download them straight to your phone for a quick view. Either way, these will certainly help ease your stress and get those emotions you WANT in your photos!

Check them out here

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