We have moved 6 times since college graduation. That’s 6 moves within 10 years! Each move brings it’s challenges. I love to throw myself into decorating our home when we move. I find it keeps me distracted from the fact that I don’t have as many friends nearby 😉

I wanted to build something that would show all the states we’ve lived in, but in one uniform piece of art. I designed these signs in Photoshop and played around with the font, the spacing of the font, and a few other parameters.

I custom printed the designs on a 4 ft by 2 ft white canvas linen. After they arrived, we went to our local Lowe’s and grabbed a big sheet of masonite and had them custom cut it while in the store. This saved us a TON of time by having them cut it right there! Taking spray adhesive, I sprayed each masonite board and then rolled the canvas sheet on top. It’s really important to use a Rubber Brayer Roller like this one here over the top of your canvas to ensure all the air bubbles are out. I enlisted my husband’s help to build custom wood frames out of these 2 inch wide boards that we stained with Early American wood stain. Initially, we were going to create frames with the miter saw, complete with angled cuts. Then we realized, we just needed to keep it simple! I am SO thrilled with the results and love how they filled this space!


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